Ideas for colorendar update is under consideration

Because calendar application colorendar for iPhone and iPod touch was begun to sell last week, I think that I will consider contents for change for version up soon.

The idea by the present is a thing such as follows.

* Because it is an idea, and these do not consider feasibility, these may not support entirely.

  • The choice of the color pattern
    The color to set on a date chooses it among five colors, but can choose it among only this color that five colors were decided beforehand now. In addition, the color becomes the gradation of a small range because I make much of a united feeling. There are not many differences in a color.
    Therefore I prepare some five colors of color sets and think about the function that can choose a color set suitable for a use. I want to add the custom function that I make a favorite color on iPhone application and can register sometime soon.
  • Display Note to a calendar screen
    You tap a date and have to display a setting screen to watch Note. Therefore I am considering the method that You can easily confirm as a calendar screen.
  • Add a seal on a calendar
    I think about the function that can display a seal (an icon) of not only the color but also various form to a calendar. Because you are hard to see a calendar when it complicates indication, I think that specifications to change normal indication and seal indication are good.

I am going to develop in particular it about the color pattern with precedence. Please contact me  if you have an improvement demand and an idea. I consider it chiefly.