robick audio player

Repeat and Key/Pitch/Tempo Control

with WHEEL Interface

  • Repeat part of track (A-B Repeat)
  • Key/Pitch control without affecting tempo
  • Tempo control without affecting key/pitch
  • Any Key Repeat (Auto key change per repeat)NEW
  • Display simplified waveform
  • 3 band equalizer
  • Reverse playback
  • Continuous playback
  • Playlist function
  • Multiple Tracks/Songs Import
  • Export functionNEW
  • Import audio from DropboxNEW
  • Wheel interface

Robick supports iOS 9, iPhone 6/6s series.
If you have any problems, please contact from this form or email in your robick app.

robick01 robick02 robick03 robick04 robick05
robick01 robick02 robick03 robick04 robick05


v2.3.0 was released. You can save 3 spans for A-B repeat.

Troubleshooting for robick import error

v2.1.0 was released. A-B Repeat + Any Key and Import from Dropbox function was added.


Robick works with the iPhone or iPod touch running iOS 7.0 or later.