Music Rover


Wider and deeper
into the world of music
An app to find your favorites from Apple Music
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Search for music more fun

Before music streaming services became mainstream, one of my favorite things to do was to visit CD stores in town and look for good songs.

Now that streaming services have made it possible to access so many songs I created this application because I wanted to search for music with the same excitement as if I were rummaging through a CD store.

The world of music is very wide, and there must be many songs of your taste that you have not yet encountered. Our goal is to create an application that will help you find them.

Features of Music Rover

Playback queues

3 playback queues (playback list)

Even if a song is popular or recommended, you will not know if you like it or not until you actually listen to it. In order to listen to a variety of songs, the application offers the following three types of playback queues.

A queue is a list of songs to be played.

- Listen Now Queue
This is a basic queue that is automatically added when you play Apple Music content.

- Listen Later Queue (Save temporarily)
This queue is for temporarily saving a song in case you want to listen to it but are interested in another song at the moment. The song will remain even after you exit the application, so we recommend using it if you are not sure if you want to add the song to your playlist.

- Playlist (Save the song)
This queue provides immediate access to one of the playlists in the music library. You can also long press a song or album and drag it to the playlist icon to immediately add it to the currently selected playlist. Use this function if you want to save a song you like.

Drag and drop

Start station immediately

Station is an Apple Music feature that automatically plays recommended songs based on song or artist.

As soon as you drag your favorite song to the Station icon in the lower right corner, the station will start and automatically play songs related to that song.

Drag and drop

Albums, playlists, and songs can be added to each queue or stations can be started by drag and drop.

If there is a triangle in the lower right corner of the music content, drag operation is available.

Quickly display albums and artists

The menu button to the right of each song allows you to view the album or artist page that contains that song.

Clean album and playlist display

The album and playlist detail screens use colors based on the artwork, so you can enjoy different displays for each work.

Charts and radios in various countries

Charts and radios are not limited to your own country. You can display content from all over the world.
* Songs not published in your area may not be displayed or played.