Colorendar is a simple calendar that can color-code every day.

This application has been discontinued.

This is usable as the brief diary which you can record quickly.

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Screenshot cal_1_2_0Screenshot cal2_1_2_0

– Mood of the day

Screenshot set_1_2_0

For example, if you choose a color to match your mood of the day, you can see the one-month change in mood at one view.

– Color rules

You can decide the rule of the classification freely. For instance, it is a schedule on the day and an evaluation of something, etc.

– Phases of the moon

The shape of the moon seen on the evening is displayed in the calendar.
* Phases of the moon is something of a rough calculation, the phase is not accurate.

– Graph

Screenshot graph_1_2_0

The graph of the color data and phases of the moon are displayed every 30 days. There might be some relativities in the moon with you.

– Simple note

The additional information can be written, and it use it as a simple diary.

– Costomizable color

Screenshot setting_1_2_0Screenshot modcolor_1_2_0

You can customize a color. It is marked a calendar with your favorite color.

Other Features

– Northern Hemisphere / Southern Hemisphere switch
– Disable Auto-Lock
– Show percentage of color
– Week starts on Sunday / Monday

When Auto-Lock is disabled, it is possible to use it as a desk-top calendar. In this case we recommend that you use while charging.